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Why use a printed bag?

Printed carrier bags  are one of the most cost effective ways to promote your brand.

You will  find printed bags have a number of uses within your organisation. Whether it be for training seminars, recruitment fairs, conferences or sales presentations, a quantity is a useful asset to have at hand. 

Once circulating, around a confined exhibition hall or arena, they soon become a dominant presence. They show not only that you want to do business, but that you ARE doing business - generating a buzz of interest.

They can be bold and brash, or subtle and humorous. They convey vital information whilst reinforcing the brand image.A wide range of styles means they are stylish but also practical, resulting in them being retained long after the initial event.

Whether you are launching a product, attending an exhibition, or in the retail sector a branded bag is the perfect compliment to your other promotional items.

  • SEE YOUR LOGO ON A BAG. Request a free visual, prior to order,  showing your logo on a bag.